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Effective Treatment of Swallowing Disorders in Southeast Georgia

effective treatment of swallowing disorder

The purview of the gastroenterologists at Digestive Disease Consultants in southeast Georgia includes problems due to difficulty swallowing. Swallowing disorders cover a spectrum of issues that make it hard to swallow food. This could occur in the oral phase, such as problems with chewing, sucking or moving the food or liquid from the mouth to the throat. It may also arise in the pharyngeal phase, which is the phase beginning with the swallowing reflex, and could include issues that affect the ability to block the airway to prevent choking. The final possible location of disorder is the esophageal phase, which could be problems in the esophagus making it difficult to pass food from the throat to the stomach.

Compassionate Dysphagia Treatment

Dysphagia, another word for this condition, has several symptoms, such as frequently coughing during or immediately following drinking or eating, a rough voice during a meal, the need for more time to chew or swallow, food remaining in the mouth, chest congestion related to eating, changes in weight or dehydration from an inability to eat. A speech-language pathologist or gastroenterologist typically diagnoses the disorder by performing a few tests, including an endoscopy.

The treatment of dysphagia differs depending on the area affected and the issues but may be comprised of exercises to improve the muscle of the esophagus, ways to help make it more efficient to pass food, and avoiding certain foods. In some cases, medications or surgery may be used to help treat the underlying causes that create the difficulty swallowing.

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