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Treatment for Rectal Bleeding in Southeast Georgia

treatment for rectal bleeding

There are many causes of rectal bleeding, and the gastroenterologists at Digestive Disease Consultants in southeast Georgia can provide rectal bleeding treatment for all of them. It is not a good sign to see blood in your stool or on the toilet paper after wiping, but the severity of the condition ranges. It may be due to hemorrhoids, which are inflamed or dilated blood vessels or veins that can occur inside or outside and are fairly common. Fistulas may also lead to blood in the feces, and they may be associated with Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disorder. Constipation or severe diarrhea may cause anal fissures, which could lead to pain and blood. There are also conditions in the digestive tract that could cause this problem, including diverticulitis, proctitis and colitis, polyps, cancer and protrusion of the rectum.

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Before undergoing treatment, it is important that the root cause of the blood is found. A doctor may conduct a visual and digital exam to look at the anal area to discover any potential problems. Depending on your medical history and symptoms, it may be necessary to undergo a colonoscopy or endoscopy, or you may need to have a barium enema X-ray. The methods for finding relief vary based on the different causes of the condition. Hemorrhoids and fissures may just need cream, while other problems may require lifestyle modifications, medication and/or surgery.

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If you experience any blood in your stool, then it is important to contact Digestive Disease Consultants to discuss the issue with one of our gastroenterologists and discover the cause. We also help with other digestive disorders, including ulcer treatment. Call our southeast Georgia office today at 912-285-0877 to start the journey to wellness.